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Welcome new member to the rules forum, I hope you have fun here.

We have several apps that you can enjoy as a member:


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Nudity, cursing at, towards, ridicule or harassment is not allowed towards members, or on the site anywhere, chat or otherwise.

This is a prem. account on webs, donations are welcome but not mandatory. You can buy ad credits for your sites to feature on our pages here if you wish to donate per month (10.00 USD for three ad's/sites, ) other plans are available just get in touch.

Keep an open mind about paths, not everyone has a degree, or is wiccan etc. Heathens should still be polite on the site, its not an excuse to be an asshole. It's up to you how you practice paganism, the craft, shamanism etc.

Only post things you have the permission to post, if you see something of yours on site, please email if you don't want it used (use contact us page).

Don't take articles to post on other sites unless its a share to social media type deal.

Mature 21+ and up. We have the right to refuse anyone who looks like they don't understand paganism, for instance if you are an older person and you state you are celtic but you state you are into Asatru. (Celtic and Asatru don't really go together) I try to give the benefit of the doubt, but I don't put allot of information here because many have a different path, and will have their own opinions, and then their are people who get offended about your path or your views on paganism, so you never know which to do.
I will post some things on tools and some stuff on sabbats.
You're more than welcome to do the same.


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