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We all want our communities to do well and sometimes some people understand, sometimes people do not understand. This post is here to help you understand the do's and don't of our communities:




Invite members to join us

Encourage people to participate and share - this includes you as well.

Help people out if their not sure what to do.

Point them in the right direction if you don't.


Harass, demean or cyber bully, I will report you to your isp, and cyber bullying is now a crime in the USA.

Spam the site with non pagan related links.

Tell us we are all going to hell like we are fundie worried about our afterlife - some of us are already in our afterlife and none of it is hell related. Christians are not supposed to judge.

Tell us we worship the devil or celebrate his wicked ways -- Satan in Christianity is an escapegoat for failure to except the responsibilities of your acts and faults. Satan in pagan lore was a wise angel or watcher that refused to put up with BS of anyone and created their own road. Satan was a Hippie.

WE practice and celebrate Common sense paganism and occult study here. If its too weird, I ain't doing it either.

Fighting to just fight, Fighting in a debate. Debating is not fighting because it leads to insults. Don't insult anyone.

Don't post material not your right to post, images, articles, videos etc. ask permission if its not yours or don't post it without attribute of the author.

Anyone not age 21+ and over.

Anyone who is looking for sexual pagan romping.

Anyone who wants a babysitter or hookup mother type weirdo classified personal listing.

Send healing energy posts by sibling died or is sick posts -- these are for attention, if you have a prayer request post it right. Pagans can call it Chants or Prayer requests too.

Let's give this abandoned kitten/dog / snake / bird a good home posts. These are for sake of attention too, and people are hoping for friendship posts and so on later and that they did a good deed.





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