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Dark Rite
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This website is built with and so a limited amount of modules are here so I try to keep all modules on site and through webs as to not send to a third party site.

We allow:

  • Blogs for the admins mods and members
  • Forums/wiki for all
  • Link index for all to use
  • Fortunes for all to use
We still can add:
  • Calendar for events
  • Guestbook for people to leave reviews
  • Videos
  • Photos
We mainly created the former site for a membership directory and their sites on the links directory.
Now we hope to continue with to showcase some of today's top links and people.

Just leave your idea here with a link to the requested module. I do not use sites I do not know or that look iffy. I have virus tools on my computer that will quaratine these problems. If you post crap you will lose your account.
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