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Right now, the only person on site that does readings is Ana Massien.

I do spiritual open readings - ask a question, get a small answer,

Dream symbols in dreams or in omens - you're not sure what it means?

Tarot/Playing card Single and Past, Present, Future Card reading.

All if them are free. I also am a life coach, I help people figure out Life - what to do or what to do now? Is somethings not working out, all you can do is ask.

Let me help you figure things out. :)

I also take my own advice and I am a former broke ass american whom lost everything seven years ago, with a sadistic family whom I have now divorced. If I can turn my life around you can do it too. I now live alone on 750 a month with no broke ass man in my life and no sadistic family.

I also write for the I AM Spiritful Lesson Blog at

Readings - You must confirm your ID so we have to add each other on facebook and I have to verify you're male or female. If you look fake to me, I won't read for you so don't fake it. I have had allot of people fake their id and questions to me and when I give the reading they go you're wrong hoe and all this.

I am hardly ever wrong, but I am real and it freaks people out.

Backward Readings:

You can pick an image you feel drawn to online, and send it in and I will read why you picked this image and would it could mean for you.

Readings are free. You only donate money if you feel lead to do so.


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