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Psychic Abilities known as Clairvoyance is a daily experienced phenom for most people, beings being read for as well as those, the Seer reading for the client/person. It is nothing to be frightened by. Pagans, Wiccans and witches, shaman are Fae touched, or Elven touched and beyond as well and can "see", "feel", and "know" the "unseen world". Some believe they are Otherkin/d and this is how they see. Some believe that they are non human magick workers to begin with. This site is encouraging to pagans and others with the "Sight", so if you laugh at the idea of this please do not waste our time.

The Tarot has 52 cards which every card can describe a questioner's issue or problem. It seems the cards "know" because the way people pull them. Your synergy with the cards is what and how you help them describe the inner issue of your issue or question. We are always attracted to the solution, we may not understand fully at the time what it means, but this is why we learn as we go. You may believe you are power-less as to when you interact with any cards but truth be known you have what you need through touch when you touch anything or anyone. Simply believe. Have some faith. Tarot cards are not satanic or demonic. They use shamanic images to describe issues is all. 

Empathy is also the wonderful trait of Psychics or Mediums, or Seers, Seins and Seinest's. (Elder Sight of a Seer). Telepathy can also be used to hear thoughts of a client, and I am a telepathic being. Empathy and Telepathic abilities are not "human or Mundane/Mortal" attributes, they belong to people that are really Faerie, Elven, Sidhe (Shee), or other item, such as Siren. Siren is just not only "mermaid" related and neither one has anything to do with fish / sea or lake people.

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If you would like a tarot, dream, or omen reading please join this site or get in touch via facebook. Readings are free, donations are welcome if you are pleased with your reading, or you just feel like being kind.

Some people like to LIE on the web. No surprise because they think people can not see you over there, well we can. We're empaths and telepaths as well as seers! 
They think "she/he can't really know me.." and want to test a seer's patience limit.

You will have to confirm ID of your being to be read for.
(Webcam chat will work) If you decline there is no point in continuing.

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